Santa's Idiots

10 Nov 2015

Are you an idiot? If so, are you a member of the Idiots Running Club? If you are..great! Make sure to get signed up for Idiot Santa.  This the the official IRC SANTAChristmas gift exchange, so get signed up as soon as possible. 

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Soggy Bottom Training Runs

26 Oct 2015

Join us at one or all of our Soggy Bottom Training Runs!  We'll have a couple different courses marked at each run, but you're welcome to explore on your own. Soggy Logo WEBSITE You can run as much or as little as you'd like.  Aid stations will NOT be set up along the course, so make sure to bring your own hydration.  Water will be available at the start/finish area.  Please make sure to register for the training runs so we know how many to expect.  An event will be set up for each run on our EVENTS CALENDAR.  You will also be able to cancel your registration if needed.  Dates & times are subject to change (if no one is signed up for a run, so please make sure to register).  

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How I got into Ultra Running

22 Oct 2015

I've been a runner since about 7th grade.  You know the famous quote "My Sport is Your Sports Punishment", well, that was true for me.  I played Feeling Goodevery sport possible, volleyball, basketball, softball and even might mites football and the only running I did was for punishment.  In college, I attended College of the Ozarks in Branson, MO, I played Volleyball, so running for punishment continued.  After my freshman year, and experiencing the true freshman 15 is when I really got into running.  At that time, it was running to loose weight & having the choice to eat whatever I want.

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Soggy Bottom Keynote Speaker Jason Bauer - how it all began

24 Sep 2015

Everyone has reasons why they run, some run for fun, some for weight loss, others run for competition and the list goes on and on; ultra-running is no It will Hurtdifferent. I always liked to run but not for any real distance, so to speak. I would go out and run 1-3 miles and felt that this was a pretty good distance. I used to be in to bodybuilding and I would use running as a way to slim down for the summer. One year I decided to do an adventure race with some friends thinking that it would be fun to train for something like this and use the running as a weight loss tactic. The adventure race at that time was made up of four people, coed. We had three guys and one lady on our team. One of the guys was a triathlon competitor and had done this particular race before; he served as our coach. We would go on training runs with him. He explained that we needed to be able to run a minimum of 10 miles for this race. The race was broke up into four sections over a day long period, (run/ride/canoe/orienteering). You never knew how long or in what order you would do each of these events, not until you showed up the day of the race; basically you had to be ready for anything. I trained both on my mountain bike and ran on trails since this race was held in the Mark Twain National Forest. Our coach/teammate pushed us to run as much as possible. I really did not know how to train honestly I just ran as much as I thought was necessary. My longest run before the race was 8 miles; I thought to myself that if I could run 8 miles by myself I could run an additional 2 miles if needed, with my team.

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