Soggy Bottom Running Weekend

15 Mar 2016

And then there were 3! With its inaugural year the Soggy Bottom weekend had many accomplishments and challenges that will be remembered for a life time. We first want to congratulate Jeff Jones from Nixa, MO, Rebecca Johannes from Pillager, MN and Jeff Stafford from Clarksville, TN who were the only 3 to finish the Soggy Bottom 100 Miler. The Soggy Bottom course proved to be one of the most challenging courses in the US, pushing participants to the limits. The hill runningepic Soggy Bottom course took folks up and down hills, through water, and on ridge lines.

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Nutrition for Endurance

15 Feb 2016

There are a number of things that can cause a person to DNF, DID NOT FINISH, in an ultra; inadequate training, an injury, not ready for the mental toughness that is essential and poor nutrition. Even though several of those reasons give upcan happen all at once, the number one thing that causes people to DNF is poor intake of nutrients. When our bodies are fueled correctly, we are capable of amazing things; the trick however is knowing what to eat and when to eat it.

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2016 Azalea Half Marathon, 10K & 5K

09 Feb 2016

The Garden’s at Woodfield has drastically changed over the past few year because of your support. Through your support and a group of hard working volunteers, the Garden’s at Woodfield is well on its way becoming the botanical

gardens that was just a vision when the Azalea Association was formed. If you have been a participant every year I am sure you have seen the progress over the years. The park provides a beautiful escape for Nixa and surrounding residents, but I think most importantly the school’s are using the park more and more each year for outdoor classrooms. The Azalea run is one of the Associations main forms of funding. The Garden’s at Woodfield is a Nixa Park that is funded through donations and fundraisers. Everything planted is done so through volunteers.

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03 Feb 2016

Running long distances in cold weather can be a challenge but with the right clothing and a little planning it can be an enjoyable experience. There are two parts to cold weather running, the first is the weather and the second is coldweatheryour clothing. Let us first delve into the weather side of this topic.

When planning a run the best thing you can do is to either watch the weather the night before your run or check your phone before you head out. Once you have been informed on what the temp is going to be you can start to plan accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to add 10-15 degrees to whatever temperature it is outside. For example if its 40 degrees you can assume that after you get warmed up it will feel like 50-55 degrees outside. If you walk outside and you feel warm and cozy once you stand there for a minute or two you my friend have to many cloths on and you will cook once you get warmed up. You should almost feel chilled when you step out your door. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the wind. A breeze is not so bad but gail force winds will make even a short run miserable. If it is windy outside try and run a hilly route or one with trees, or houses, depending on where you live; this will help block the wind. Something l like to do is to look out my front door, if the trees are swaying head for the hills. One other trick is to plan your route so the wind hits you in the back on your way home; it is a great way to produce a negative split.

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