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Joplin, MO - Saturday, February 2, 2013, the Joplin area YoungLife hosted the Cupid YoungLife 5K at McIndoe Park in Joplin.  The event was a great success with the number of participants doubling from last year!  The Cupid YoungLife event started with a Diaper Dash, which consisted of adults wearing Adult Diapers and completeing several Valentine's Day tasks while running approximately 100 meters.  The 2nd event was the Couples Run, a three legged 100 meter race.  The third and final event was the Cupid 5K!  After the 5K, participants were encouraged stay around and participate in Crossfit. 

Thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers and participants for helping to support a great cause.

pdfCupid YoungLife Overall Results

pdfCupid YoungLife Age Group Results