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5th Annual Skunk Run
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Saturday, March 12, 2016, 07:12am - 03:12pm

Caney Mountain Wildlife Refuge Ozark County, MO

Skunk- A cat-sized mammal with a prominent long-haired tail. The fur is black, usually with a white stripe running down the head and dividing to become two stripes on each side of the body. Often smelled before they are seen, skunks produce an obnoxious scent upon provocation. This disagreeable musk is secreted by glands at the base of the tail and can be aimed and sprayed at will. Prior to spraying, skunks usually warn intruders by stamping their feet and holding the tail high in the air.

Idiots- Runners of many different shapes and sizes. They are usually dressed in all manners of brightly colored clothing that allows them to be seen from long distances. Often heard before they are seen, Idiots produce an obnoxious laughter when running. This sound can be deafening, annoying and is highly contagious. There have been several reported incidents of contamination throughout some of the more traditional and rigid running clubs. Prior to laughing, Idiots will warn those around them by starting their Garmins.

Idiots Running Club Skunk RunIRC

The biggest non-event in all of running.


Contact David Murphy at or call 417-527-0863 for more information
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