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Ozark Highland Conference Championships
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Tuesday, October 11, 2022, 04:00pm

Buffalo Prairie Middle School Buffalo, MO

Cross Country Meet
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PositionBibFirst NameLast NameGunTimeGradeGenderDivisionTeam Name
1623ADALYNPARKER 9:20.067FMSGEl Dorado Springs MS
2624KARCYNRADER 10:55.257FMSGEl Dorado Springs MS
3622RHIELYNNICHOLS 10:58.287FMSGEl Dorado Springs MS
4650ALLISONCRUST 11:05.237FMSGSherwood MS
5670JASMINMEYERS 11:06.488FMSGWarsaw MS
6621RILEYLEE 11:12.857FMSGEl Dorado Springs MS
7651SARAHHORVATIC 11:13.088FMSGSherwood MS
8652HARLEIGHSCHMIDT 11:29.248FMSGSherwood MS
10626RYLIEWENDT 11:38.358FMSGEl Dorado Springs MS
11673CHLOEYODER 11:42.296FMSGWarsaw MS
12492LILYFRENCH 12:16.338FMSGBuffalo MS
13610NATALEEKENNEDY 13:42.198FMSGButler MS
14668KAYLEEJACKSON 14:01.467FMSGWarsaw MS
1615WYATTKLAIBER 7:28.998MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
2614SHANEFLETCHER 9:12.798MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
3616TYLERREASONER 9:25.357MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
4618CARTERSMITH 9:31.056MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
5613ISSACCOQUILLETTE 10:10.398MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
6459DALLASGASCA 10:17.218MMSBBuffalo MS
7250LEAMONEAGON 10:26.787MMSBBuffalo MS
8666CADENCASTEEL 10:31.626MMSBWarsaw MS
9620CAMDENWATTS 10:33.786MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
10646BRAIDENHORN 10:35.137MMSBSherwood MS
11619WYATTSTRAWN 10:35.438MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
12611TANNERBARNETT 11:25.157MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
13461LEVIPOPEJOY 11:47.356MMSBBuffalo MS
14617TALONROBISON 12:38.677MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
15648MARKNIEMERG 14:11.107MMSBSherwood MS
16612GAVINBOCH 14:54.387MMSBEl Dorado Springs MS
17645ADAMHOLT 15:25.267MMSBSherwood MS
18460TYLERMUELLER 18:30.596MMSBBuffalo MS
1642HANNAHKLAIBER 19:39.6512FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
2640AUDREYGOATLEY 19:40.2910FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
3497SADIEABERCROMBIE 19:42.1412FVGBuffalo High School
4644COLBIEWOOD 20:25.7112FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
51000NAOMIYODER 21:10.169FVGWarsaw High School
6643HANNARIDGWAY 21:22.3511FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
7661JOSEYARTHURS 21:36.3612FVGSherwood High School
8498RACHELBRUTON 22:19.5311FVGBuffalo High School
9638LELABROWN 22:38.399FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
10665EMILYWINNAT 23:08.069FVGSherwood High School
11607CADENCETURNEY 23:09.1011FVGButler High School
12641OLIVIAGRAVES 23:51.7310FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
13662KAITLYNSACKETT 24:48.1711FVGSherwood High School
14664ELLATURNER 24:48.229FVGSherwood High School
15606AVERYELDRED 25:31.8110FVGButler High School
16639CLARAFARREN 28:02.2310FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
17663CHLOETAYLOR 29:08.799FVGSherwood High School
18499SHAYLEEGANN 31:52.159FVGBuffalo High School
19637MYKABARGER 31:56.4811FVGEl Dorado Springs High School
1496SEANWALKER 15:22.4912MVBBuffalo High School
2629CONNORGOATLEY 16:41.7812MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
3631GARRETTKLAIBER 17:17.2112MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
4602BRANDONHAMMETT 17:18.849MVBButler High School
5627LOGANFISK 17:21.4810MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
6654CONNORBAILEY 17:23.1211MVBSherwood High School
7633BLAYZEMCCULLOUGH 17:53.1912MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
8636BRAXTONWATTS 17:55.8610MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
9628SYLASFLETCHER 17:56.259MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
10676JAXSONDECKARD 18:14.2110MVBWarsaw High School
11659DUSTINVAUGHAN 18:25.6611MVBSherwood High School
12601CARTERDUMAS 18:46.149MVBButler High School
13992LOGANSCHOCKMAN 18:54.0812MVBWarsaw High School
14634KOLTONNICHOLS 19:01.9911MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
15655ISAIAHBRADFORD 19:16.8012MVBSherwood High School
16630RYANGRIFFIN 19:26.2212MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
17678WESLEYJACKSON 19:30.199MVBWarsaw High School
18635KYANROBERTS 19:48.4211MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
19603JERRUNKENNEDY 19:52.2612MVBButler High School
20495WILLIAMMCCOY 19:54.309MVBBuffalo High School
21656DENVERHALL 20:16.0210MVBSherwood High School
22500ANDREWCLUTTER 20:27.8912MVBButler High School
23632BLAKELOANE 20:33.7211MVBEl Dorado Springs High School
24674HENRYBRESHEARS 20:39.809MVBWarsaw High School
25494KADENBONE 21:02.6710MVBBuffalo High School
26660TANNERWINNAT 21:16.2612MVBSherwood High School
27604KENNYWARING 22:03.3510MVBButler High School
28993BRADLEYWATSON 22:26.1810MVBWarsaw High School
29991ELIJAHLONG 23:09.7510MVBWarsaw High School
30675CHRISTIANCULBERTSON 23:48.2310MVBWarsaw High School
31677BRAYDENHENDERSON 25:42.099MVBWarsaw High School
32658CJSCHMOLL 26:15.6311MVBSherwood High School
33680KALEBKELLNER 29:02.039MVBWarsaw High School
34989MALACHIKELLNER 30:30.649MVBWarsaw High School
35657YENJIRAMIREZ 30:37.6612MVBSherwood High School
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