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ActNow Promotions system provides the most innovative timing solution bringing a new level of convenience and dependability. Unlike traditional systems that use messy mats, ActNow uses over hangingBRANSON TT 2 antennas that capture the participants time. We like to compare it to an airplane that is approaching the landing runway communicating with the control tower. With this technology the antennas start to communicate with the participants timing chip about 40 feet from the finish line. The timing chip is continually communicating with the antennas as the participant approaches the finish line with the last read the antenna's receive as the time that is captured for the participant when he or she crosses the finish line. With this RFID technology we are able to almost always have 100% read success. Since no mats are needed, the system is perfect for running, cycling, trail runs, and almost anything your imagination can think of.

ActNow Promotions uses a tiny disposable timing chip that provides unparalleled ease of use for participants and directors. Why a disposable chip? There are many reason’s runners and race directors prefer a disposable timing chip. The one we hear the most from participants is that they do not have to come to a dead stop as soon as they cross the finish line in order for a volunteer to remove their timing chip. Secondly, the participants do not have the added stress/worry about placing the chip/tag on their shoe and it falling off. With a disposable chip a participants racing experience is enhanced. Participants are able to focus on their run. Race directors love the disposable chip because at the end of a race their participant’s are greeted with a bottle of water and a “high five” from a volunteer. The disposable chip also maydayeliminates the amount of volunteers a race director needs at the finish line. Race directors can focus on the participants experience when they finish instead of the stress of collecting all the timing chips so they are not charged for the timing chips that are not collected. We all remember when we were young and our PE coach had us run that mile. They told us when we get finished to walk it out. A disposable chip allows this to happen.

ActNow Promotions has eliminated the need to wait for occasional results printouts. With our "Real-Time Results” scrolling on monitors, participants results are usually waiting for them when they have caught their breath. Flat panel screens are used to display scrolling finish time’s for the participants enhancing their experience.

With the above technology we have discussed ActNow Promotions can provide quick, accurate and dependable race results for our organizers and participants. Most importantly a participants experience is enhanced at the event encouraging them to come back year after year and hopefully bringing their friends and family.